Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea. It hides countless beautiful sceneries ranging from beaches, caves, mountains and parks. Spending long holiday in Jeju will be amazing and fun, but it is important to refer your information to Jeju travel guide, that will tell you anything you need to know about Jeju from its unique story, tourist resorts and how to get there easily.

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Jeju Island in Brief

Due to its popularity, Jeju Island is also known as the Hawaii of South Korea due to several reasons. One of the best reasons is for the beautiful scenery. Jeju is the biggest island in South Korea and specifically located in the south of Korea peninsula. It is the only province in South Korea with special autonomy.

Jeju Island was formed by volcanic activity more than 2 million years ago. In the middle of the island, there is Halla Mountain, the highest one in Korea with 1,950 meters in height. This is one of the best attractions in Jeju Island, one of the reasons why people have to visit Jeju Island.

There is a unique story in this Jeju Island travel guide that becomes another reason why we need to spare our time visiting there. Jeju Island is also known as “Samdado” or “an island with three exuberating elements”: rocks, women and breeze. It is believed that those three elements make Jeju Island has such beautiful sceneries with very comfortable weather. No wonder it becomes the most well-known tourist destination in Korea. In Korea, Jeju is known in other names such as Doi, Juho, Seomna, Dongyeongju, Tamra or Tangna.